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Trees Offered

Laurel Oak

A large, fast growing shade tree noted for its dense, oval conopy. This tree may reach 60′ in height.

Red Maple

Rapid grower, deciduous tree with excellent red blooms in mid to late April This tree reaches 30′-50′ in height.

Crape Myrtle

Moderate to rapid grower, deciduous, mature height 20′-30′. Flowers throughout the summer in a variety of colors. This tree prefers full sun.

Queen Palm

Fast grower, mature height 60′. Full sun will tolerate reflected heat. Requires regular watering at least once a week during summer months.

Pigmy Date Palm

Grows to 8′. Light shade to shade, tolerates full sun. Requires regular watering.

Washingtonian Palm

Washingtonian palm prefers a moderately rich well drained soil but can survive on poor soils, even sand. It does best in bright sunny conditions but will tolerate some shade.

Sago Palm

Slow grower, can reach 10′ in height. They grow well in full sun to partial shade to bright indirect light.


Green all year. 40 foot tall.

Florida Elm

Deciduous tree, mature height 60′-80′ Prefers damp locations, low drought tolerance. Full sun or part shade.

Live Oak

Lives 400 years. 40 foot tall. Green all year.

Many More Trees
Crape Myrtle Trees

Many colors: Red, White, Pink, & Lavender. Grows to 15 foot tall.
Little Gem Magnolia Trees

Green all year long and grows to 20 foot tall.
Live Oak Tree

Lives 400 years and grows 40 foot tall. Stays green all year. Native to Florida.
Queen Palm II

Cold hardy tree. Grows to 30 foot tall and easy to care for.
Queen Palm I

Also a cold hardy tree. Grows to 30 foot tall and easy to care for.
European Olive Tree

Grows olives grows up to 20ft tall stays green all year insect resistant.

Winged Elm

Reaches 30 ft tall. Loses leaves in the winter time.

Red Cedar

Reaches 40 ft tall. Florida native tree.
Great for screening and privacy.

Camphor Trees

Reaches up to 50 ft tall; fast growing. Repels insects.
Stays green all year around.

Sweet Viburnum

Reaches up to 25 ft tall; great for privacy.Extremely
fast growing. Stays green all year around.


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